New Age Music

My first three albums, “Moments In Time”, “Peaceful” and “Prayers”, fall into the category of ‘New Age’ Music.

“Moments In Time” portrays different feelings I have on any given day. The melodies are short intimate ‘mood’ pieces. I am greatly drawn to Impressionistic piano music – particularly music written by Claude Debussy. You will hear his influence in this album. Many of the songs have a classical impressionistic feel to them.

“Peaceful” is an improvisational album featuring original piano melodies that reflect my own personal meditations. They are contemplative and emotional and have a hint of melancholy. Making this album was a cethartic experience and often I had tears of joy or sadness.

“Prayers” is a collection of my favorite chants set to original music. There was a precious time in my life in which I took great pride in being a cantorial soloist. What I loved most about singing for a congregation was the feeling of being close to God when I sang prayers from the heart – and when others joined in, the feeling of closeness and connection was even more powerful to me. This album brings me back to that special time and I found it to be very spiritually healing.

“Moments In Time”

A compilation of 17 original songs which portray daily expressions of the heart and capture one’s spirit throughout any given day. Melodies are inventive and spiritual in nature consisting of piano and orchestral renditions that soothe the soul.“Dancing Stars is one of the songs from “Moments In Time” that is featured as song number two in my website’s live audio.When I wrote this song, I imagined myself sitting outside and gazing at the stars joyfully dancing in the sky. This melody has a classical impressionistic feel to it.


A collection of 15 original instrumental pieces featuring mostly piano.  The melodies are very lovely and relaxing and will soothe your soul.“In The Meadow” is a song from the “Peaceful” album and is featured as song number one in my website’s live audio.Many times when I meditate, I imagine myself in a meadow, resting by a tree. This melody describes how peaceful it feels for me to be in these beautiful surroundings.


Heartfelt prayers, songs and chants with lovely vocals and ambient instrumentals.“Y’hiyu L’Ratzon” is from my “Prayers” album and is song number three on my website’s live audio.This biblical prayer is one of my favorites. Many composers have set music to this prayer. This melody is my interpretation.

Y’hiyu L’Ratzon, Im rei fee v’hegyon libi l’fanecha Adonai tzuri v’go a li

May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable unto you – Oh God, my rock and my redeemer.