Children’s Music

My fourth and fifth albums, “Follow The Music” and “Color Wheel”, focus primarily on children.

Well, one might ask…why go to a different style of music which caters to a completely different audience?

I just know that the reason I love music so much is because I was exposed to it at such an early age. I am so grateful to my parents for all the music they surrounded me with … and I want other children to have the same opportunity that I had.

In my albums “Follow The Music” and “Color Wheel”, I offer many styles of music for young children to be exposed to – calypso, samba, blues, jazz, country, folk, classical and new age. I address a wide range of learning topics which are pertinent to the growth of young children, such as having good manners, eating vegetables, a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, being a friend, learning the alphabet and more. All my songs promote expression since the words and melodies are interactive and are easy to learn. Also, I offer accompaniment tracks for teachers to use in the classroom setting.

I plan to continue to write more children’s music and I am striving to reach many children on an even deeper level.

I was recently told that my “Prayers” album was very comforting for a young girl, who stated that she thought the songs could cure nightmares… comments like these inspire me to challenge myself and to continue providing music and spirituality to children……

“Follow The Music”

A treasure trove of unforgettable melodies suitable for preschool play or use as a special choir feature with sounds and styles of pop, jazz, country and more. Melodies and words are easy to learn. Ideal for teachers to use in the classroom setting.  “Butterfly To Be” is a song from my album “Follow The Music” and is featured as song number four on my website’s live audio.It is one of my favorite songs because it talks about transformation and growth. When I wrote this song I felt so grateful for my music and how it has helped me to become a ‘butterfly’. I hope this song will touch you as it has me.

“Color Wheel”

Original, fun, interactive and creative educational songs for children with sounds of pop, jazz, country and more. Melodies and words are very catchy and it’s easy to sing along!  The song “Color Wheel” is from this new album. It is featured as song number five on my website’s live audio.  I love colors – that is one of the reasons I love to paint so much. Colors brighten our world and when colors are mixed with music…that is heaven for me…. This is a very catchy song with a samba feel. Hope you enjoy it!”Good Manners” is another song from my newest album, “Color Wheel” and it is featured as song number six on my website’s live audio. I think it is important for kids to learn good manners in a constructive and fun way…what better way than through song?! Hope you enjoy the clip!

“Sweet Dreams”

A set of lovely original instrumental lullabies for children and for those who are young at heart! Ideal for bed time, nap time, quiet time or any time!