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Lullaby For Dad

by Sharon on May 10, 2012

Dad's Art 6DAD


“When I  was born, you were there to catch me when I fall, whenever and wherever.  When I said my first words, you were there for me. When I took my first steps, you were there to encourage me on…” – Anonymous 

When I was young, my father sang me many lullabies…what a beautiful voice he had!  I would go to sleep feeling safe and secure.  The power  and beauty of his voice filled me….children need that…that is why I love to share music with them.

I went to see my father last week…he is 91 years old now…and I decided to write him a lullaby as a thank you to him…so here is a clip of my song…”Lullaby For Dad”….

Also, my dad is a wonderful artist and he still paints every day at age 91!   Above is one of his latest images…


Miracles Can Happen!

by Sharon on May 10, 2012


“A dad is someone who wants to catch you before you fall, but instead picks you up, brushes you off and lets you try again.” – Anonymous

 Last week I went to see my father.  He is now 90 years old.   Me and my father have not always been close.  But this time….we had a wonderful time together.  My heart is so full and I am full of love for him.  I realize now how much my father taught me about not ever giving up… about perserverence….and it has served me well in my life.

One day during the week we took a walk in the park and watched the people and the was peaceful and I loved being with him.  I love you Dad…

Miracles can happen!!

Here’s my song “Miracles”….may you find life’s miracles today!






by Sharon on May 6, 2012


“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” – Anonymous

My mornings are precious are precious to me these days…family goes off to work/school…the dog sleeps…and I have some quiet time to collect my thought and meditate about all the things I am grateful for….I treasure the mornings..

Here is a song I wrote called “Morning Song” from my “Moments In Time” album…I would like to share it with you…



Remembering You

by Sharon on May 2, 2012


“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

I miss my mother…she died in 2000 of Alzheimer’s disease.  When she was alive, I had so many mixed feelings about her.  We did not always get along and I regret that I did not appreciate my time with her as I could have.

My mother was a decent, brilliant and kind woman who gave me many gifts and I love her very much.  If you are out there mom, I hope you can hear me and know that I am sorry  I did not show you enough how much I love and appreciate you.

I wrote a song called “Remembering You” from my “Moments In Time” album in memory of my mother.  I would like to share this song with you….

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Goodbye Again

by Sharon on April 29, 2012


“And it’s goodbye again, I’m sorry to be leavin’ you
Goodbye again, as if you didn’t know
It’s goodbye again, and a I wish you could tell me
Why do we always fight when I have to go.”
– John Denver

Goodbyes are very hard…and I’ve had to say goodbye many times in my life…I am pretty sure that we all have…Sometimes I have had to say goodbye because of physical distance between me and someone else….and sometimes I have had to say goodbye because of emotional distance…

I believe we are in each others’ lives for a reason….to learn, to heal….we  change constantly …and our needs change… relationships change and shift…it is part of life. Sometimes I have said goodbye to the same people over and over, because it was so hard to let go…but ultimately I had do.

One thing I have learned for certain….I must always maintain a strong relationship with myself…I do that through my music.

I wrote a song called “Goodbye Again” from my “Moments In Time” album and I would like to share this song with you.  When I wrote this song, I thought of the people who I have had to let go of in my life in order to keep growing…even though I still love them so much…



Walking Through The Mist

by Sharon on April 25, 2012












“Piece by piece they’ve come together, from many parts becoming whole, revealing the perfect picture, through the mist of twin flamed souls..” – Helen Vance

There have been times…and there still are times when I have felt like I am walking through mist….nothing seems clear…my thoughts are fuzzy and it is hard to see the bigger picture…Those are the times when I have had to trust that things will be OK…those are the times when music is my very best friend….and things always work out….I learn and grow internally from these experiences.

For me, there will always be times when I will have to walk through some confusion before reaching clarity…and that is will lead the way..

I wrote a song called, “Walking Through The Mist” from my “Moments In Time” album. I hope you enjoy it…


In The Meadow

by Sharon on April 22, 2012


“Warm and mellowed out
We lie down in rich grass,
Spikes of prickly blades,
Prick our faces,
Like nature’s pincushion.
Buttercups and poppies,
Swathe the horizon in a sea….”
-Jane Allyson

I try to meditate frequently ….particularly in the mornings.  When I do, my day starts off with a lot of positive energy.  Many times when I meditate, I visualize a beautiful meadow…I am relaxing near a tree… there is a warm breeze… and sometimes there are people with me..who I love and trust..

I wrote a song called, “In The Meadow” from my “Peaceful” album.  I envisioned a beautiful meadow when I played and wrote this song.  I wish for you a peaceful and tranquil day!


Being Playful

by Sharon on April 18, 2012


“There often seems to be a playfulness to wise people, as if either their equanimity has as its source this playfulness or the playfulness flows from the equanimity; and they can persuade other people who are in a state of agitation to calm down and manage a smile.”

– Edward Hoagland

I never want to stop being playful…music helps me play and stay young!  Life is just too short to be serious all the time…

In my opinion,  playfulness is contagious and powerful and healthy for all of us!

Here is my song of the day called “Playful”.

Wishing you  a joyful, playful day!




by Sharon on April 15, 2012


“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

When I was little, I  had so many dreams and hopes ….and then…for a while.. especially as a young adult….I began to be afraid to hope…because the disappointments hurt so much.

As I age and evolve….I now know and can accept  that disappointment is part of life and that if I don’t dream and hope, then I will not receive any of life’s beautiful gifts…!

Martin Luther King ‘had a dream’ and he didn’t give up… and look how much he gave to humanity!….who am I to say that life will not be hard?…but we have to keep dreaming and trying and hoping…and so that is what I do…with my music….

And here is my song for today….”Hoping”…. I want to share it with you….



by Sharon on April 11, 2012




“I feel extremely lucky, extremely grateful, and a little bittersweet, too.” – Wentworth Miller

What can I say about this topic?…. life is certainly bittersweet.  An old mentor once told me that I have to allow myself to accept the painful parts of life in order to feel the joy in life…and that the rose has thorns…this mentor was the person who told me many years ago to ‘follow the music inside myself’…and many years later, I am finally doing just that..

So… for today, I accept the whole package of life ….I know I am blessed and fortunate and grateful and yet, I have my painful moments too….and it is ok….the ‘music in me’ will help me through…as I believe it can for everyone…

Here is a song I wrote called “Bittersweet”.  I want to share it with you and I wish for you a blessed day!