Lullaby For Dad

by Sharon on May 10, 2012

Dad's Art 6DAD


“When I  was born, you were there to catch me when I fall, whenever and wherever.  When I said my first words, you were there for me. When I took my first steps, you were there to encourage me on…” – Anonymous 

When I was young, my father sang me many lullabies…what a beautiful voice he had!  I would go to sleep feeling safe and secure.  The power  and beauty of his voice filled me….children need that…that is why I love to share music with them.

I went to see my father last week…he is 91 years old now…and I decided to write him a lullaby as a thank you to him…so here is a clip of my song…”Lullaby For Dad”….

Also, my dad is a wonderful artist and he still paints every day at age 91!   Above is one of his latest images…

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