Tallit: Parshat Re’eh

by Sharon on July 2, 2013

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Well, I started to look into the Torah portion for my Bat Mitzvah: Parshat Re’eh…

When I was a young girl, I wanted a Bat Mitzvah..I didn’t understand why boys had them but not girls…I loved Judaism and wanted so much to participate…not having my Bat Mitzvah when I was young left me feeling like a spectator.

I want to stress that I am not placing blame on my parents….traditions were different at that time.

At age 36, I decided to gift myself a gift and have my Bat Mitzvah….if was a beautiful and meaningful event for me.

Parshat Re’eh carries much significance … I read several interpretations of this portion and what stood out for me was a commentary from aish.com called “God Is Watching”.  In this portion of the Torah, Moses tells the Jewish people to “do what is good and right in the eyes of God” (Deuteronomy 12:28).

This commentarys talk about how so many of us care too much about what other people think…while all that matters is what God thinks….God is everywhere…God loves us…

So, to explain the images on my tallit….

My image of God is often female…the center image on my tallit speaks to me of the love I feel from my God – like a mother to a child.  The Torahs on the ends of the tallit are decorated and the words on the breastplate are “Ani L’Dodi”, a quote from the song of songs meaning “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”…my husband and I shared this quote with one another at our wedding.  The purple tallit bag has my Hebrew name on it.  When I finished thistallit, I knew it was the right one for me..

I put it on and felt loved and safe and protected….and close to God….mission accomplished!

Now, I am getting ready to start a new tallit for a very dear woman…I will keep you posted!

Bye for now…


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